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Audio and video Conferencing

We help businesses perform more efficiently, professionally and with a reduced carbon footprint.

Our team of specialist Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Consultants are highly regarded professionals with knowledge of the latest advances in the dynamic world of audio visual. From converging technologies, to energy efficient LED devices driving projectors and displays to video conferencing solutions that help reduce your carbon footprint, we provide tailored solutions to any budget. Our commercial expertise spans high profile organisations across various industries including Education, Finance and Government Agencies. We have also been extensively involved in the introduction of such technologies across various Courts throughout Australia.Our Audio Visual / Video Conferencing Services.We offer our clients expertise in the design, documentation and implementation of systems in the following specific areas:

  • IP & ISDN based video conferencing
  • Program sound and speech reinforcement.
  • Sound masking and security measures.
  • Configurable multi-room applications.
  • Integrated control of room elements (projectors, screens, lights, blinds)
  • Web conferencing and casting.
  • Assistance for the hearing impaired.
  • Video walls and public display.
  • In Court Technology Systems.
  • Wireless transmission technologies.

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