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Audio and Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become increasingly popular in business and education over the past few years. This rapid growing technology not only allows people to connect in real time through audio and video but also makes sharing of documents and files live over the internet easier. Many educators have utilized this technology to teach and share live experiences with students through direct video streaming.
That helps connect teachers and students from different locations at the same time without the need for the parties to be physically present. However, video conferencing comes with a share of its own challenges or disadvantages. The benefits of video conferencing technology may be great but its setbacks may just be enough to disappoint users who depend on it on a daily basis.

Below are some of the advantages of video conferencing in education
Advantages of Video Conferencing in Education:

  • Allows Different Schools to Connect and Collaborate Easily.
  • Facilitates Virtual Field Trips.
  • Makes Out-Of-Class Learning More Convenient and Easier.
  • Enables Students to Record Lessons for Later Review.

  • Makes Scheduling of Parents/Teacher Meetings Convenient.

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