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Video Walls

Video walls until recently used to be only common place at concerts and football stadiums. The capital investment involved usually exceeded the budgets of most small to medium size organisations.

Thankfully that has changed with the advent of ultra slim Bezel LED screens from most of the main manufacturers. To this end video walls are now a realistic option for most businesses. They also can be off any shape and configuration
Pioneer AV Solutions specialise in the construction of custom shaped video walls, curved video walls and their associated mechanical supports and surrounds. All video walls can be mounted flush to the wall with an easy front access maintenance system allowing a single screen at any location in the grid to be removed without disturbing the other screens surrounding it. Huge video walls can also be designed using an unlimited quantity of edge blended projectors. These projectors can be front mounted or set up as a rear projection system to hide them from view.

Our hardware integrates with our Digital Signage solutions or alternatively can be used as the backbone for third party systems.

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