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Network Operations Centers

Pioneer AV Solutions provides AV products and installation services for NOC (Network Operations Center) facilities, nationwide – our video walls, large-screen displays, multi-screen controllers and display management software make for a state-of-the-art NOC Center

In a NOC, a centralized network connects separate rooms in order to remotely monitor and share data. This feature safeguards the space from a potential network failure or a crisis situation. Troubleshooters and network monitors reside in the NOC. Utilizing dual displays and a satellite feed they access multiple connections to the network to diagnose potential problems or crisis situations.

Pioneer AV Solutions works with our customers from site inspection through design and customization of systems, displays and

servers to ensure you’re completely comfortable and familiar with your new AV system.
We are dedicated to providing an ultimately seamless hardware and software solution that makes your NOC/SOC facility run at premium efficiency, 24 hours a day.

AV products commonly used in NOC facilities include:

  • Video wall displays
  • Multi-screen AV workstations (AV furniture)
  • Video wall servers
  • Rackmount multi-screen displays and more

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