Having a modern, state of the art boardroom for your government facility shouldn’t be challenging. With so many variables such as acoustic treatments, projectors, LCD screens, microphones, shading and lighting controls, it’s easy to see why some people can be overwhelmed with the technology.

That’s why at Pioneer AV Solutions it is our goal to make not only the integration of this technology seamless, but also the end users understanding and usability of that technology.

Need a touchscreen controller custom programmed for your boardroom needs? We have certified, Crestron control programmers in house that can custom code and design beautiful user interfaces for your touch screens so that you can use all aspects of your AV system with the touch of a button. Are you in search of a boardroom that can handle bring your own device (BYOD) but also function as a meeting and presentation space? Pioneer AV Solutions has designers and engineers on staff to dedicate time to your best use case so you get exactly what you need and expected.

A government boardroom should showcase current technology in an easy to use and functional way. To get started on your next build, contact us today.

Advantages of Video Conferencing in Education:

  • Front and Rear Projection
  • PC and Document Camera Interfaces
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Lecterns and Custom Podiums
  • Lighting and Climate Control

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